We have received an update from multiple teams, that there is a fake token with the name of HYPEGOLD, so beware of this new fake token.

Hello HYPE Community,

There is good news & A small Bad news also.

☠️Bad News — is someone again use our company name and token name and build a scam token.

👍Good News — is Now we are popular in the market. so scammers use our name. So they also promote HYPE name in their community also to buy more sell of fak tokens.

So Don’t worry about the small issues by scammers & beware of these fake tokens.

This is a time to Educate the team and others about how to use Justswap and how to find the right token address and how to confirm it.

⚠️Before buying the #HYPEGOLD and HYPE token make sure to read the 1st 5 to 6 words so you can stop yourself to get scam by this scammer.

Please check the Edited Image.

And if anyone has any issue kindly drop your msg here and join Telegram Channel & Group also. And share the update with others.



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