HypeProfit- Decentralized Finance Ecosystem Platform

We’re moving from a centralized understanding of the world to a decentralized understanding of the world.

-Mike Cernovich

Key Points:

Ø HypeProfit is a transparent decentralized finance ecosystem Built on Tron & BNB Blockchain ecosystem

Ø HypeProfit run highly available and redundant nodes in different data centers across multiple geographical regions to achieve continuous operation of our platform.

Hype Limited is a registered in United Kingdom license company that undergoes regular bank exams and is subject to the cybersecurity audits conducted by the London Department of Financial Services. HypeProfit gives financial control back to the people to store and grow wealth together.

Why choose HypeProfit?

HypeProfit have a secure and highly reliable staking infrastructure, complemented with automated deployment tools and 24/7 monitoring. HypeProfit is an algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol to unlock a universe of open finance.

HypeProfit is a secured non-custodial staking and yield farming Defi ecosystem protocol. It is on Trc20 Blockchain –enabled utility tokens which hold the promise to overcome this price and profitability of token to its self mechanisms.

Apart from this, the HypeProfit token provides variety of reasons to deal in which are:

Ø Hype Token plays a major role in trading with cryptocurrency platform

Ø Hype Token also very useful in non-custodial Wallet

Ø Hype Token will be useful for its users in stalking and lending purposes easily and also in cryptocurrency swap and exchange

Ø The very usefulness of this HypeToken is that the holder of the Hype Gold Token can swap with any token

Talking more about it, HypeProfit has 10+ years experience in crypto and forex trading which made its highly trustable and reliable. The Hype ecosystem is audited and verified from the professionals. It deals in market and provide the best possible rates for crypto-to-crypto market.

Hype Token Information and Distribution:

Token full name- HYPEPROFIT Token

Token Ticker- Hype

Token Total Supply- 10,000,000 Token

Token Market Supply- 5,00,000 Token

Live on Exchange- Justswap.org

i. 40% Justswap Liquidity

ii. 20% Team/Consultancy

iii. 40% Defi protocol Liquidity protocol

What HypeProfit is upto?

The roadmap of the HypeProfit is very clear and based on the current business model and vision it is likely to take bold decisions and achieve business growth in the nearest future.

It has already launched some of the platforms and some of are about to launch which definitely is going to help its users and investors to store and grow their wealth and gives them a financial back.

Apart from all this, HypeProfit works on meeting the latest demands of its users to participate in Hype protocol with a single click and also:

ü HypeProfit Blockchain technology paves the way for many industries to improve and reconstruct the overall quality of their businesses

ü It has recently launched a gaming platform which offers casino games for its users.

ü HypeProfit provides its users and investors to earn and get rewards on Hype Token and Hype Gold assets.

To support Hype ecosystem of financial protocol, Hype uses Tron Blockchain, and Planning to migrate its all platform to Substrate-based Binance Smart Blockchain that is highly secure, scalable, and will connect to the Polkadot network.

HypeProfit is on a clear path to become an ultimate solution for investors and cryptocurrency traders and online game players. It will cover every aspect related to cryptocurrency trading, from education, market overview and trading ideas, and increase earning from online games to the unique concept of DEFI protocol platform, liquidity aggregation and ultimately the most advanced trading station ever.

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